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Hashtag Activism and the need to move from Trending to Changing

The era age of digitisation has changed the way that we live and connect to each other. It has improved production efficiency, made it easier for economies to transact and more notably, birthed channels for more diverse and robust social … Read More

3 Ways to Start Thinking about Programme Reporting

Honestly, reporting is not an activity frequently listed as a hobby. It’s a challenging part of any job that many people speedily complete in order to check off their to-do list. It may be safe to call reporting ‘that bitter … Read More

Ways Which You Can Use Social Media to Stay Engaged with Your Community

Millions of people across the globe use social media for different reasons. This is an important detail to be aware of when looking at ways to connect with your community, especially in times when staying engaged is critical. If anything, … Read More

Why Stractiv8 Impact – And Why Now?

When hearing the words “non-profit” or “social change”, one tends to imagine visuals of orphans, war victims, soup kitchen lines, and maybe even animals under attack. And that’s not incorrect. It is what we have been shown for many years. … Read More