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New Business

Whether you are looking for template or tailored services, we would love to connect physically or virtually and understanding your unique needs.

E-mail hello@stractiv8.com with the subject ‘Let’s work‘.


We are always open to collaborating with talented writers and designers whose love for Africa aligns with ours. Share your portfolio and we may just work together,

E-mail hello@stractiv8.com with the subject ‘Let’s collaborate‘.

Mailing and Telephone details
10th Floor Firestation
16 Baker Street, Rosebank
Johannesburg, South Africa

Give us a call on +27-10-025-2202

Frequently asked questions

Does Stractiv8 Impact work remotely?

We have embraced remote work since our founding, which has allowed us to work with and collaborate across the Global South. While our base office is in South Africa, our team is spread across different cities.

Where can I find out more about your projects?

Check out the Insights section to find out more about what we gets up to. We’re regularly¬† working on new and exciting projects designed to uplift clients and make a social impact.