When hearing the words “non-profit” or “social change”, one tends to imagine visuals of orphans, war victims, soup kitchen lines, and maybe even animals under attack. And that’s not incorrect. It is what we have been shown for many years.

What if we asked you what you visualise when thinking of the people that work in the organisations that support what you pictured a moment ago? Wangarĩ Maathai? Mother Teresa? Or a humanitarian volunteer? That’s not incorrect either. Thousands of people have given their best to help millions of people who suffer.

Stractiv8 Impact sees these a little differently.

When we hear the words “non-profit” or “social change”, we imagine layers of networks that are working to bring better ways of life for people from all walks of life.

We imagine communities and individuals that work together to leave the world better than they found it. People whose intention is to see a future that looks vastly better for all than it does today.

We ask ourselves what we can do.

We know our strengths and we love the work that we do. Getting messages across different channels to the right person at the right time is part of the fun, but we love the impact the most.

By providing non-profit and social change organisations with a service that connects them to a wider community, with a clear message, relatable content and ways of work that keep them productive, we fulfil our vision of playing our part in making a difference.

So, what can you expect to see from us?

While working with our valued clients (yes, we brag about how cool our clients are), our goal is to remain tuned to the needs of people and organisations that are shaping the tomorrow we will live in. We use our public platforms to share:

  • research on sector activities
  • analysis of news and events
  • trends that will help you plan your next move
  • hacks that will help you connect to your community

But why now? 

Recent years have shown that we are living in a pivotal time where change is happening at a rapid pace. And while living in this era, we look back at what history has taught us. Times of change need to serve as many of us as possible where any are left behind or excluded from the change,  we cannot call it ‘change’, can we? Our work of enabling impact is rooted in the need to share messages, knowledge and stories that shift how we live together. We work to make an impact that lives beyond today and serves to make a better tomorrow possible through the non-profit and social change drivers that are at work.

And that is why we are, and why we are now.

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