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We have refined our suite of services to meet the unique needs of change agents in Africa. Our onboarding process and open lines of communication allow us to collaborate and execute requirements efficiently.

Research and strategy development

Starting off with a clear plan and approach sets the tone for sustainable results. We work with you to map a strategy that is responsive to your objectives while giving you clarity of purpose and positions your organisation or programme for meaningful impact.

Communications planning and tactical implementation

How you say something is equally as important as what you say. Through curated communications and messaging services, we will support you to sparking change. We provide strategy development, metrics framework, stakeholder and media mapping, tactical planning and implementation.

Social Media Content and Community Management

Nurturing an online community requires research, planning and execution that carries your message with clarity.  We provide content design, campaign development and community management that aligns your message with ever changing platform algorithms.

Digital Engagement and Marketing

You can make the most of the digital era. We develop relevant content and campaigns that are created to increase engagement with your community while supporting visibility to a wider audience. You will be supported in the procurement and governance of appropriate digital tools for your organisation.

Content Production

The relevance of your message is best carried with visuals that are contextual and appealing. We provide design to delivery execution of content that is produced with your communication objective in heart.

Website Design and Development

As your owned medium of communication, we will design your website to enable visitors to get the information that they need in the most optimal online manner. We provide user requirements gathering, design, development and testing.

Virtual and Hybrid Event Coordination

Yes, it is possible to keep your continental and global community engaged in virtual settings. We provide coordination and technical delivery for virtual and hybrid events that allow you to focus on the content and organisation objectives.

Project and change management

Our hands-on delivery approach combines strategic intent with continuous engagement. We follow an agile and responsive approach to project delivery that centres on collaboration and transparency while using change management to enable sustainability of the gains achieved. 

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