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About SA Trust:
Reaching 88 million people living in poverty in the SADC region, the Southern Africa Trust drives programmes and policy interventions that address issues of poverty by developing solutions that meet the needs of marginalised communities.

We work with the Trust to promote its visibility and accessibility through digital platforms while highlighting the importance of regional development work to different audiences. As a result of consistent online interventions, such as webinars and focused e-connections, the Trust’s network enjoys more meaningful engagements in the online and contact spheres. Moreover, we created a Webflow website that supports frequent and dynamic content updates.

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The Southern Africa Trust has a primary goal of widening and deepening regional integration so that policies can work for the poor and eradicate inequality.

The organisation brings together the public, private and civil society sectors through evidence-based advocacy, dialogue, and capability enhancement of key stakeholders in the value chain of the policy process.

The Trust needed to tell their story to the public and other donors to increase their visibility and impact in southern Africa.

They also wanted to increase engagement and networking in the region amongst other civil society organisations and stakeholders.

Stractiv8 Impact

What Was The solution
our team provided?

Together with the Trust, we created a communications portfolio whose purpose was to increase the Trust’s visibility through digital platforms, thus ensuring its accessibility and appeal to prospective partner organisations and philanthropists. This was achieved through detailed graphics and short clips that accurately captured the vision and mandate of the Trust.

Our strategic communications unit conceptualised, designed and launched Society Talks, a content series that encouraged CSOs to engage with the government, private sector, and interested individuals to enrich development in the continent.

Our Impact

The success of this allowed the client to support grantees with the same services for their programmes, these include RISDP Dialogue of 2021, Samora Machel Inaugural Lecture and San Youth Network Dialogue on COVID-19 experiences, both in 2020.

This was achieved through detailed graphics and short clips that accurately captured the vision and mandate of the Trust.

How did we implement the solution?

We gathered and assessed the clients’ previous activities, undertook a SWOT of their operating landscape and aligned a draft communications activity plan with their brand guide, from here we were able to interact with the different team members in the organisation who were points of contact with content which would propel the communications efforts. The service delivery was supported through regular email, telephonic and WhatsApp engagement.

What was the impact?

The organisation was able to gain visibility across their social media channels, with notable growth in their YouTube subscriber and LinkedIn following. The Society Talks series became a reputable platform which increased partnerships and widened the Trust’s audience, enabling their goal to influence and educate on matters of poverty alleviation.

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The new sitemap streamlines content resulting in 50% fewer pages and more seamless user journeys.
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Seven new post types were introduced, allowing Southern Africa Trust to organize dynamic content more effectively.
Twenty new immersive video stories bring human experience to life.
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