Isn’t it amazing how the 404 page has evolved from a instigator of frustration, to a tool that website owners use for humour and information sharing? Creatives are using this page to show their metal by designing bespoke 404 pages that enable a websites purpose.

Suddenly, being lost is not that bad of an experience.

Here are some 404 pages that we think are worth not following directions for.


The fast food chain with the golden ‘M’  use their 404 page not only to remind you of how awesome their fries are, but to also redirect you to other pages on the website. This is pretty clever as it helps them keep traffic within their domains.

Coca Cola

The global beverage company never disappoints when it comes to cool & effective design. They have used their 404 page to redirect visitors to their other pages, while weaving in a positive message along the way.


Technology doesn’t always work – and we know that. Thats why we appreciate how the tech news site uses a clean and slick graphic to represent their 404 page.


Talk about brand alignment and using your story telling talents. The animation studio leverages off their remarkable graphic capabilities to use a character in character as their 404 page.


Lost? Let the AirBnB 404 page hostess help you find your way back to the platforms other pages. Clean, effective, useful – all the makings of a 404 page that works!


A flash back for wrestling fans and a trip to a dry desert for non-wresting fans, the global entertainment giant leverages of its story telling authority by subtly letting visitors that the page which they are looking for, along with the characters in the image, are in ‘parts unknown’.


How unique is this! Amazon uses their 404 page to introduce us to their cute furry colleagues (and redirect us to the home page). Talk about knowing what will appeal to your market!


In the much loved Nandos style, their 404 page is a winner! Yummy food photography blended with a dash of the famous cheekiness makes for a great way to redirect visitors back to their homepage.


Corporate identify genius if we do say so ourselves. The marketing automation hub uses the power of association (think back to your preschool days) to let visitors know that they aren’t on the right page.


Clever, really clever. The Swedish entertainment powerhouse show their visitors just how much they appreciate artists, help get a catchy song stuck in their head and redirect them to the previous page – all at the same time.

Do you know of a any other great 404 pages? Why not share them with us!

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