Call for Proposals for Human Resources (HR) Services on a Project Basis – RFP – HR 104/2022 

Stractiv8 Impact is soliciting Proposals from qualified individuals or firm(s) to provide   Human Resources (HR) Services on a project basis. 


We are a growing, dynamic communications and digital engagement agency that serves to bring about community and societal change. Committed to enabling a meaningful difference, we service non-profit organisations, corporate social programmes, and institutions of higher learning by providing them with strategy, research and execution of communications and digital marketing services to grow the visibility of their cause. We embrace a learning culture and strive to be an agency where talented specialists and intrapreneurs are provided with a stimulating work experience.  


Our vision is to set an example as a Pan African agency of the future with a presence in major African cities through hybrid and matrix models of working. 

We are committed to delivering a standard of service that supports customer and team relationships through the standards of reliability, accessibility, efficiency, responsiveness, and value-adding output.  


For more information and a description of our services, visit our website at 


Scope of work 

Stractiv8 Impact is seeking an HR Consultant who is highly skilled and fully knowledgeable in the human resource field and can take a proactive approach to Human Resources Projects and advising on all aspects of its current practices, while making recommendations for continuous improvement. 


The Human Resources Consultant must have experience with: 

  • Working with South African Labour conditions 
  • Working with small to medium enterprise or agency 
  • Performance development and coaching 
  • HR project management 
  • HR policies 
  • HR reporting 


Services that may be sought include but are not limited to: 

  • Compensation and benefit package reviews in relation to industry standards 
  • Review of employee handbook/policy manual and recommendations for changes 
  • Review of annual performance review process, including creating new or improved forms as necessary, and recommendations for improvement 
  • Assistance with development of staff training programs related to employee conduct, soft skills, supervisory and leadership 
  • Develop an internal investigation procedure 
  • Team member appraisal documents, procedures, and frequency thereof 
  • Technical assistance with other tasks or needs as deemed necessary 


Submission of Proposals 

Proposals must be submitted electronically to no later than 17h00 South Africa time on Monday, 20 June 2022. 


Questions about this proposal must be made in writing, via e-mail to Hilda Kachepa at 

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